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Running Rich Racing and Owners Club

The future of virtual racing and sports is here

  • Competition Interactive’s Running Rich Racing is a gorgeous and enthralling kart racing game that appeals to several generations of your customers
  • “Running Rich Racing: Sports Book Edition” will usher in a new generation of virtual racing and sports
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Running Rich Racing

Fully integrated with Owners Club

  • Players can acquire weapons and armor which can be traded with friends
  • Players can access their garages, tweak cars, and acquire power-ups
  • Players can enter races running at the casino sports book and watch them anywhere in the casino on their phone
  • Players can wager from anywhere in the casino

Future Content

  • We are finalizing partnerships with top European virtual sports developers provide best-in-class content for Nevada and the United States
  • 1st Quarter 2019 – dogs, harness, and Formula 1 Racing
  • 2nd Quarter 2019 – fighting video game
  • 3rd Quarter – MMA Fighting and 3v3 Basketball